Research at USciences—Moving Life Forward

From researching diseases and cures on a molecular level to treatment and patient care techniques, University of the Sciences is about moving life forward.

The research and the principle investigators highlighted here are just the beginning of what is going on at USciences. In addition to the cores of research in cancer biology, neurosciences, gerontology/geriatrics, and interprofessional care, other researchers are making inroads in the areas of nanotechnology, biofuels, chronic illness, cellular function, asthma, and autism, to name a few. Further research is being initiated through grants from the National Institutes of Health and various private and public foundations.

In addition, undergraduate and graduate students at USciences are receiving training from these experts to be the next generation of researchers and scientists. These students benefit from working in the labs and receiving vital hands-on experience, as early as their first year.